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Moved DB and Writer file to new PC, crashes [closed]

asked 2012-05-25 21:15:27 +0200

Jim gravatar image

I created a DB with an Wrter doc which used fields from the DB to print reports. When I moved both files to a new PC, the Writer doc crashes when I try to open it. No clue how to fix this. Thanks.

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answered 2012-05-25 23:50:11 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

Maybe is needed to register the DB in LO in the new computer. Menu/Tools/LibreOffice Base/Databases

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Thanks, marios. I tried your suggestion but no luck. Both files were created in the same folder on the original computer, and also reside together on the new computer. One difference between computers is that my User folder is different. Maybe it is a path problem, but there's no option to reset.

Jim gravatar imageJim ( 2012-05-26 11:51:35 +0200 )edit

Just to follow-up - it works today! I don't know why or how, but the doc opened without a crash. I didn't do anything different today.

Jim gravatar imageJim ( 2012-05-27 00:54:01 +0200 )edit

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