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Hiya, I'm editing a document and I'm determined to use open source software throughout (I have been a Linux Mint user since Ver 8) however, I can't select multiple items at all?

I've attached a screenshot here:

Here's the actual document:

Using the white arrow mouse pointer (selection icon) I can select the background (satellite) image, but I can't select the white box annotations that cover it. Also, as you can see, a formatting problem has occurred with the black arrows on the right.

So I suppose this post is part help request and part bug report, I'm not sure.

In Word of course there is a Select Objects tool (the white arrow icon) and it groups all items in the selection when a box is drawn around them (as you know) which makes for easy copying and pasting. So far I can only get the background image though. I realise I'd have redone the work in the time it's taken me to type this but in the spirit of learning and development I've sought help here.

Many thanks for any ideas that you can offer. I'm convinced the solution will be simple and that it's a case of not seeing the wood for the trees at this end.


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