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User friendly program? Real life challenge! [closed]

asked 2021-03-05 11:28:15 +0200

Bjarne Kristensen gravatar image

Hi. New to Libre, coming from OpenOffice and Office. Question about Base. Also challenge in OpenOffice. I think not a problem in Microsoft Office??

Scenario: Lets say I am a business owner. I have a lot of workers, doing different tasks. I need to walk around every day recording different information about every worker. Name, worktask, progress an so forth. To record all this, I have made a Table in Base, and then made a Form that allows me to enter data into the Table via the Form. No big deal, right? The problem is that I have to sit in my office (or carry my laptop arround) to be able to use the Form. Right?? I would much rather be able to carry a smaller gadget, like a tablet or a smarphone arround, with access to the database wia my Wi-Fi, or oppdate when back in the office, and insert all the information here while walking arround. Am I correct assuming this can not be done in LibreOfice? I have installed MS Office on my smartphone (Android), so I think it is possible to open a MS Base file on this, hence giving me what I want. Even if I would be able to open a LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) database file in MS Office on my phone, I will only be able to read it, not do anything with it. Then I will have to pay, but then I could just as well use MS all the way. I would appreciate some feedback from the community about this.

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The outlined scenario may require some kind of networked solution to work with LibreOffice. No such solution is integrated in LibreOffice, but there are viable solutions which may work on your phone/tablet:

keme gravatar imagekeme ( 2021-03-05 11:55:00 +0200 )edit

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answered 2021-03-05 11:37:31 +0200

ebot gravatar image

updated 2021-03-05 11:46:29 +0200

You have spread out your concern here on the page with a fictitious question about the use of techniques for your purposes. This page is not suitable for that.

It is assumed that a concrete question about Libreoffice is asked and this can then be answered by other users.

From my point of view your request is off topic here.

Besides, your question and description would lead to rambling discussions.

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I understand

Bjarne Kristensen gravatar imageBjarne Kristensen ( 2021-03-05 12:06:27 +0200 )edit

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