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How Can I Delete Footers I Just Enabled?

asked 2021-03-14 10:04:08 +0200

abrogard gravatar image

updated 2021-03-14 10:07:16 +0200

I printed odd pages only of a large document and then decided to put page numbers in a footer so I 'insert' ed a footer and then saw the text shift and realised it had redrawn the whole document and now the pages are different.

So I can't properly finish the doc by printing the even pages because the text is wrong

How do I delete that footer? Can I?

Found a thread here from 2018 and it says to do F5 and then select styles, etc... but F5 doesn't throw up that choice anymore...

p.s. yes, checked that 'styles' thing on the top menu bar but it just seems to allow me to choose what will happen within the footer - font, etc. - but not to actually disable the footer.

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answered 2021-03-14 10:24:24 +0200

robleyd gravatar image

Right click on the footer; select Page Style; select Footer tab; uncheck Footer On; accept a warning and click OK.

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Thanks for that. There's the secret: right click the footer itself. Never thought of that. Won't forget now.

While I was waiting I found another way, too: Insert/Header Footer/Footer/ it throws up a 'default page' thing with a check mark on it, you go to click it and it warns 'do you really want to delete....'. I said 'yes' and job was done.

I'll give you the kudos. You earned 'em. thanks. :)

abrogard gravatar imageabrogard ( 2021-03-14 10:45:54 +0200 )edit
PKG gravatar imagePKG ( 2021-03-14 10:49:51 +0200 )edit
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