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Printer Bug

I am using LO Writer in Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon. I originally used a 7-year-old HP Laserjet 4250 with duplexer installed as default. When I tried to print a file longer than 10 pages, instead of printing it the printer coughed up a sheet with this printed on it:





and nothing else. I found that the only way I could print such a file was 10 pages or less at a time. I suspected the problem was in the printer, because of its age. I finally decided to buy a new one, a Laserjet P3015. It is quite a bit faster, but has exactly the same problem, unless I specify the whole file. In other words, if I order a print job beginning with page 3, I can’t print more than about 10 pages at a time. In addition to the printed error message, it shows this on its LCD screen: 1200 DPI Banner Job not printed but the fact is that I never order such a job. I presume I am not the only person to report this bug. An earlier post suggested that the HP drivers are buggy, and counseled ** Is there anything I can do about it?

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