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Select price from cell where item is matching price description [closed]

asked 2014-02-23 21:41:33 +0200

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I'm very new to using LibreOffice for not talking about ubuntu in general, and are having issues figureing out how do work it.

I'm runnign a very simple shop at my school (bording school) and trying to set up a spreadsheet to view the earnings. Here's a picture of my setup: image description

What i would like to do is that when i write what is is in the "A" (A = Items) colum, it should go lookup in the list in F and put the price next to it in C timed with B. The only way I know to do this would be with a very long IF statement, but I'm sure there is a much easier and more efficient way...

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answered 2014-02-23 22:37:50 +0200

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Hi. You want to use the VLOOKUP function to get your price from the product list and place it in column C. I have attached a sample file that does this. I have also used Data Validity to produce a drop-down menu in column A so you can select the item sold instead of retyping it each time. Click the following link to download the file. shop.ods

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Thank you, exactly what i was looking for!

PeaceDealer gravatar imagePeaceDealer ( 2014-02-24 08:39:44 +0200 )edit

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