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Hyperlinks not Clickable

asked 2021-04-13 23:13:19 +0200

deezywonder gravatar image

Hello, community!

I'm trying to edit some scanned PDFs, and I'm having a problem.

The problem is I want to save the edited file with the links that were already there, but I'm not getting it. The links just aren't clickable.

What to do?


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Ctrl + click

JEDIMASTER gravatar imageJEDIMASTER ( 2021-04-14 00:16:08 +0200 )edit

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answered 2021-04-14 00:25:19 +0200

Earnest Al gravatar image

There are no links in scanned documents, only image of text or images.

You need to convert the image to text using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program. There are free programs to OCR images in most operating systems (yours is unknown) then you can convert the images to text.

If you have already done that then if there is a web address such as just adding a space immediately after it will convert it to a link in Writer. If the image of text is highlighted blue and looks like a link but just says Help then there is no way to find out what the original link was; it was lost when printed. You would need to go back to the original document.

PDFs exported from Writer can contain hyperlinks. The PDFs in that case can contain text, images, links and other interaction such as forms.

Cheers, Al

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Thanks for the help. I found the solution!


deezywonder gravatar imagedeezywonder ( 2021-04-14 16:25:04 +0200 )edit
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