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Uninstall OOoBTools

asked 2021-04-15 22:35:31 +0200

mcdon47 gravatar image

I downloaded and installed OOoBTools but now wished I had not. However, uninstalling OOoBTools did not seem to remove the menu; I want it to go back to what it was before but I'm unable to. Thanks.

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answered 2021-04-15 23:00:17 +0200

See if that helps:

There is a "surgical" deletion that can help. Else, just reset the profile.

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Thank you for the quick response. Please can I ask how to reset the profile?

mcdon47 gravatar imagemcdon47 ( 2021-04-15 23:16:47 +0200 )edit

It is explained in the link of the reply.

-> Try to reset your LibreOffice user profile (rename it) or at least the /uno_packages folder/cache.

Hagar Delest gravatar imageHagar Delest ( 2021-04-16 07:12:54 +0200 )edit
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