how to create a new sheet with a subset of data from an existing sheet?

asked 2021-04-25 23:40:33 +0200

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I need a dynamic sheet containing a subset of the data based on criteria from one column of my main spreadsheet, without having to go through the filtering process each time I need it.


I have a list of projects on an ALL PROJECTS spreadsheet, containing details such as Project Name, Status, Manager, Budget, and other details specific to the project.

Some of the projects are in process, some are in planning, some are awaiting approval, etc.

What I need:

  • separate sheets for each status: Planning, Awaiting Approval, In Process
  • the separate sheets need to contain all of the details of each project
  • the sheet should automatically update when information on the project is changed on the ALL PROJECTS spreadsheet
  • I need to be able to flip quickly between the various sheets
  • I need to be able to print the sheets with no filter or pivot table displays

I'm new to Libre Office, and I would appreciate any help.


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Please tell me why you don't want to filter the data in-place to get a subset of the data. Then the other sheets will not be needed at all. We need to figure out what is best to automate. Why don't you want to automate this: "without having to go through the filtering process each time I need it"?

From what you want, the simplest is to create pivot tables with a filter set for each sheet. The corresponding pivot table must be refreshed with a macro every time a sheet is activated. But you want "to print the sheets with no filter or pivot table displays".

Another solution would require copying the filtered dataset and transferring it to the corresponding sheet. This will increase the amount of macro coding.

You can probably create multiple data sources for a master sheet and create database ranges on sheets with ...(plus)

eeigor gravatar imageeeigor ( 2021-04-26 06:31:19 +0200 )edit