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1: user lacks privilege or object not found

asked 2021-04-30 03:06:48 +0200

Dev0Stev0 gravatar image

Hi I'm following this YouTube Tutorial on how to create a Rainfall database from a large rainfall dataset in LibreOffice Base. I managed to create the "tblRainFall_Live" using the following SQL command

create text table "tblRainFall_Live" ("ID" int, "Time" Varchar(20), "Rate" float, "Daily" float, "Weekly" float, "Monthly" float, "Yearly" float)

But when enter the following SQL command

set table "tblRainfall_Live" Source "2019_Rainfall.csv; ignore_first=true;encoding=utf-8"

I get the message "1: user lacks privilege or object not found"

The database is using the Split_HSQLDB_Wizard_v3c.odb & I suspect I don't have user permission or something for split database. I got it to create the database & driver folders & it has saved 2 files in the database folder; "" & "mydb.script". I think I got it to connect to an existing database at some stage but not sure if that was the right thing to do. Obviously I'm a LibreOffice Base noob;-) I've posted some comments on the YouTube video as well if you check it out.

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Thanks for that Ratslinger. I actually realized there was a typo in the tblRainfall_Live name myself. I just corrected it to tblRainFall_Live & the command executed successfully. Back to following the tutorial. Awesome. Thanks again.

Dev0Stev0 gravatar imageDev0Stev0 ( 2021-04-30 16:38:14 +0200 )edit


Just a note. Your comment actually responds to the question you posted. To respond to someone's answer you should place the comment attached to that answer.

I found this not because I received a notification but because of curiosity if there was any response to the post.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2021-04-30 17:58:22 +0200 )edit

Sorry about bad.

Dev0Stev0 gravatar imageDev0Stev0 ( 2021-05-01 03:04:01 +0200 )edit

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answered 2021-04-30 05:50:22 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image


Your problem has nothing to do with permissions or Base. This is a database problem and you need to examine names closely when you get an error.

First, the *.csv file needs to be in the database folder.

In the Create text table statement the table was created with a name of tblRainFall_Live. But in the set table statement you are looking for a table named tblRainfall_Live. Change that to tblRainFall_Live and it worked for me (in a different DB). Should work in any split DB. It is just the creation and linking of a text table.

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