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Install only Draw in silent mode with msiexec [closed]

asked 2014-03-07 11:56:45 +0200

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updated 2015-09-11 20:28:45 +0200

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Hi all,

I read carefully the page : , it describes how to install some extensions and how to not install somes others including dictionnaries.

It based on this article, I tried to install only Draw by cli using this command : msiexec /i "C:\Users\toto\Downloads\LibreOffice_4.1.5_Win_x86.msi" /qn CREATEDESKTOPLINK=0 IS1033=0 IS1078=0 IS1025=0 IS1101=0 IS1610=0 IS1059=0 IS1026=0 IS2117=0 IS2121=0 IS1150=0 IS1603=0 IS5146=0 IS1027=0 IS32771=0 IS1029=0 IS1106=0 IS1030=0 IS1031=0 IS1604=0 IS2129=0 IS1032=0 IS2057=0 IS7177=0 IS1553=0 IS1034=0 IS1061=0 IS1069=0 IS1065=0 IS1035=0 IS1036=1 IS2108=0 IS1084=0 IS1110=0 IS1095=0 IS1037=0 IS1081=0 IS1050=0 IS1038=0 IS1057=0 IS1039=0 IS1040=0 IS1041=0 IS1079=0 IS1087=0 IS1107=0 IS1099=0 IS1042=0 IS1111=0 IS1120=0 IS1574=0 IS1108=0 IS1063=0 IS1062=0 IS1605=0 IS1071=0 IS1100=0 IS1104=0 IS1112=0 IS1102=0 IS1109=0 IS1044=0 IS1121=0 IS1043=0 IS2068=0 IS1580=0 IS1132=0 IS1154=0 IS2162=0 IS1096=0 IS1094=0 IS1045=0 IS2070=0 IS1046=0 IS1048=0 IS1049=0 IS1569=0 IS1103=0 IS1606=0 IS1113=0 IS2074=0 IS2133=0 IS1051=0 IS1060=0 IS1052=0 IS3098=0 IS1579=0 IS1072=0 IS1053=0 IS1089=0 IS1097=0 IS1098=0 IS1064=0 IS1054=0 IS1074=0 IS1055=0 IS1073=0 IS2200=0 IS1058=0 IS1091=0 IS1075=0 IS1066=0 IS1076=0 IS2052=0 IS1028=0 IS1077=0 ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=gm_p_Base,gm_p_Base_Bin,gm_p_Calc,gm_p_Calc_Addins,gm_p_Calc_Bin,gm_p_Calc_MSO_Reg,gm_p_Impress,gm_p_Impress_Bin,gm_p_Impress_MSO_Reg,gm_p_Math,m_p_Math_Bin,gm_p_Wrt,gm_p_Wrt_Bin,gm_p_Wrt_MSO_Reg

I got a message error "intern error 2711. m_p_MathBin" when i try in ui mode (without the /qn) and in the log file I got : MSI (s) (78:EC) [11:44:57:815]: Note: 1: 1708 MSI (s) (78:EC) [11:44:57:815]: Transforming table Error.

MSI (s) (78:EC) [11:44:57:816]: Transforming table Error.

For professional purpose we only want to deploy draw on the 1000 machines we have.

Thank for your help

Best regards

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answered 2014-03-07 16:24:37 +0200

Oliv gravatar image

I try a different way with the option "addlocal=" and put the extensions i want... Same result.

Msiexec /qn /i C:\Users\toto\Downloads\LibreOffice_4.1.5_Win_x86.msi ADDLOCAL=gm_Root,gm_Prg,gm_p_Draw,gm_Brand_p_Draw,gm_p_Draw_Bin,gm_p_Draw_MSO_Reg,gm_r_Reg_Vst,gm_r_Reg_Vsd,gm_p_Impress,gm_Optional,gm_o_Grfflt,gm_Langpack_Languageroot,gm_Langpack_r_fr,gm_Langpack_Basis_fr,gm_Langpack_Resource_fr,gm_Langpack_Fonts_fr,gm_Langpack_Brand_fr,gm_Langpack_Draw_fr,gm_Helppack_Helproot,gm_Helppack_r_fr,gm_Helppack_Help_fr,gm_o_Systemintegration,gm_r_Files_2,gm_r_Files_3,gm_r_Files_4,gm_r_Files_5,gm_r_Files_6,gm_r_Files_7,gm_r_Files_Images,gm_r_Fonts_OOo_Hiddengm_r_Ure_Hidden,gm_Enable_AT_tl_For_All_Users


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