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In Base, how to add fields to a form that look like those the wizzard put there? [closed]

asked 2014-03-09 16:56:48 +0100

ClopperAlmon gravatar image

I have created a form with the wizzard using the "Block" layout, which puts the labels ABOVE the field. If, however, I have forgotten a field and want to add it with the "add field" button, the label comes up on the left of the box, and I can find no way to get it to the top. Moreover, the background color of the box where the data will be displayed is different from that of the boxes created by the wizzard. When I try to change that background color, I cannot find an exact match. How can I make my new field look like those those made by the wizzard? My solution so far has been to go back to the wizzard and start all over. There must be a better way.

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answered 2014-03-10 01:49:29 +0100

w_whalley gravatar image

In edit mode of a form if you click on a field the green resize handles include both the label and the field. If you Ctrl-click instead, then you can select just the label or the field. If you select just the label then you can move it above the field. I find that using the arrow keys to nudge the selected label is better than trying to click and drag it.

If you Ctrl-click to select just the field, then right-click, you will get a context menu. Select Control then the General tab and you get a list of properties of the field where you can set (among others) the width, height and background color.

To make the field background color match an existing field you can find out what color is used, then change the new field to match. I found that my default background color was 0x00DDDDDD so I had to use the color picker (button to the right of the background color property) and type in the hex number DDDDDD in the RGB section.

Another method to duplicate the field appearance is to select an existing label/field pair, copy it and paste it (it pastes over the existing field, but you can then drag it to a new location). Then edit the label and data properties of the field to match the one you forgot.

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