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Does libreoffice plan to support the concepts and the difference between a template and a theme? [closed]

asked 2014-03-10 11:49:16 +0100

I've used MS office for many years now. Especially powerpoint. One of the strengths is that it defines and separates the concepts of template and theme. A theme can be saved and contains fonts, colours, and a set of images that can be reused every time you create a new presentation. This ensures that everyone in your organization uses exactly the same colours and fonts all the time. Now I know that you can download templates for LibreOffice, but I have not seen anything similar to the theme concept. The file extensions used in MS office are the following for the two concepts mentioned:

  • Example Powerpoint template file name: mytemplate.potx
  • Example Powerpoint theme file name: mytheme.thmx

Now back to my question: Do these concepts and their separation exist in LibreOffice or OpenOffice? If so, how do I create them?

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answered 2014-03-10 13:04:04 +0100

ROSt52 gravatar image

updated 2014-03-10 13:05:28 +0100

I have a template with certain fonts and certain colors and text alingment for graphical object. Therefore Impress does what I need.

Impress does not have potx and thmx files, but has templates (otp-files) and styles. With this combination I created my template with well defined styles.

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