I want to copy a graphic and then move the copy [closed]

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to place it amongst text boxes but it just won't go where I want it to, it disappears. I have divided an A4 sheet into 8 to make 8 cards all the same so have made on card using a graphic and text boxes. I now want to duplicate it and paste into the other spaces. I cant select and group the boxes and graphic using shift click and group, it won't let me and when I copy the graphic I can't then position it, it either disappears or won't let me get to the actual placement area. I'm using Writer with the draw function to make text boxes on an iMac.

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Prior to copy / paste is the source image anchored "As character", "To character", "To paragraph", or "To page"?

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2014-03-13 14:33:29 +0200 )edit