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Writer - Paste two tables on one page? - or reveal codes? [closed]

asked 2014-03-26 13:00:28 +0200

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updated 2015-09-09 21:22:05 +0200

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I have a document containing lots of identical tables, same headings but containing different text. It was a pdf, it has been converted to word. During conversion the tables were converted to drawings so I have had to deleted them, also it contains lots of column breaks etc...

I am trying to insert new tables and copying the text into them. And it isn't going well! There is obviously hidden formatting...driving me insane! (I do have the paragraph marks, tabs etc displayed)

So I have made a new doc, and am pasting the text from the original converted doc into it. I have made a new table and pasted the text into it - if I copy it and paste the table it goes onto the next page - even though there is enough space for two tables on the page...

It could just be a simple setting for the tables?

Or some code in the converted doc transferring across...from reading around I don't think you can do reveal codes? or am I wrong? If I could it would make my life easier as I could use the converted doc...

Using windows 7 home premium, Libre office Version (I know it needs updating - got a year end next week so will update after I've got that done in case anything goes haywire!)

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Please have a look, whether that are simple tables or whether the tables are placed inside a frame. You might find the information using the Navigator. Copying tables from .doc format to .odt is difficult, because LibreOffice does not has the kind "floating tables" and has to work around this missing feature. LibreOffice does this by putting the table into a frame.

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2014-03-26 15:17:37 +0200 )edit

Just for reference, there is an enhancement request for Reveal Codes: Bug 34002 - EDITING - Add Reveal Codes feature like there is in WordPerfect

qubit gravatar imagequbit ( 2014-11-30 11:57:48 +0200 )edit

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answered 2014-03-26 19:41:43 +0200

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Thanks Regina but I had made new simple tables in the converted doc so it wasn't a MS word table/table in a frame I was using.

In the new file under table properties, text flow the 'break' was selected (why I don't know!). I unchecked it and can now paste more than one table on a page.

However when I went back to the converted file 'break' wasn't highlighted and no matter what I did (saving as an odt etc, checking the box and unchecking , making a new table etc) I couldn't get more than one table on a page! I managed by having both files open next to each other and dragging across but it would have been easier if I could have done it within one file...

A 'reveal codes' option would be incredibly useful as even then the occasional 'odd' format happened - solved by undoing paste and just typing that bit of text in ...

(Sure problem is with Word adding random rubbish rather than Libre office though - if only I could persuade everyone to dump MS office the world would be happier place!)

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