Why does footnote text format not hold? [closed]

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In an English Writer document in the current Linux Mint, I set the footnote text format by going to Tools, Footnote or Endnote, and inserting a period and a space in the "after" box. But when I save the file, close it, and reopen it, there is nothing at all between the footnote number and the text. Is there some way to mak this setting stick? Or is it a bug?

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I'm also on Mint (13 LTS), with latest LibO. I just checked this, and repeated the steps you describe. It worked just fine, saved and re-opened. To get the space, however, I had to adjust the footnote's paragraph style (F11), since the default "hanging" indent seemed not to "take" the space. But even so, the "period/full stop" stuck even with the hanging indent. FWIW!

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