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I have an xls spreadsheet that works fine in Office 2003. It is a largish spreadsheet with quite a few formulas (although they are simple formulas). And when I open this file in Calc version under openSuSE it works fine. And when I open it under Windows XP with version it works great as well. But if I try to open it under Windows 7 with version 4.2.2, there are four cells where the formula disappears. Formula consists of =G53+G61+G69 and three others just adding cells together. Elsewhere in the spreadsheet, there are formulas that are almost the same both addition and subtraction and these all look okay. Just this one spot of 4 cells in one column contiguous to each other that just are blank when opened under Windows 7. Any ideas? This is baffling.

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Could you please attach this document here (as an separate answer, you will get permission if one more user will upvote your question or a comment) or link to it. Or better yet write a bug report about this attaching the example document there:

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