Where is dialog to set up all LibreOffice file associations? [closed]

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How can I set up all LibreOffice file associations? When I say "all LibreOffice file associations", I mean all of the various file types and extensions LibreOffice can open, including the ones I do not know about yet. I am not asking how to laboriously associate every file extension manually one by one. There should be a dialog somewhere that lists all of the file types that LibreOffice supports, with a checkbox next to each, and it probably has a "select all" button, as well.

Here is what this type of dialog looks like for Irfanview: http://screenshots.oahermes.com/141/b...

Here is the same type of dialog in VLC: http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/11...

Where may I find this dialog for LibreOffice?

I am currently using LibreOffice for Windows 7 64.

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Thanks! That helped.

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