Embedded video after file conversion? [closed]

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I want to display presentations with my ipad using an app called slideshark. Slideshark only reads .ppt and .pptx files. When I create a presentation and save it as .odp, all of my video files are properly embedded into the file itself, but when I convert this file to .pptx, the video files won't even show up anymore. Does anyone know how to embed video files into a .pptx file through libre impress? Thanks!

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This tutorial is about embedded video in PPT, but I've no idea if it can work when you convert odp to pptx. There's much more involved in this process. Why not converting odp to pptx, then embed video to pptx?

dayrepz gravatar imagedayrepz ( 2016-01-14 03:18:51 +0100 )edit