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In MS PowerPoint it is very easy to create a link on a customized presentation. Such a customized presentation can consist of one or more slides. I used such customized shows in a presentation to prepare for questions which can be asked. I started the customized show with a click to a small text note hardly to be seen for the audience. Once this link is clicked the customized show can be presented. At the end of the customized show, PowerPoint returns exactly to the point from where the customized show started.

The start link can be copied on as many slides as needed to start the customized show connected to this link. At the end PowerPoint returns automatically to exactly to the slide where the start link was clicked.

Impress does not (yet) have this important feature. A workaround is to use a small text note hardly to be seen for the audience at a slide from which I assume that I might need to show some other slides. The link is based on Interaction > Go to Page or Object. At the end of the few slides I want to show based on a question, I need another link (Interactin > Go to Page or Object; this link is not needed in PowerPoint) to return to the slide from which I started. Therefore I cannot copy the start link to several slides and Impress returns automatically to the slide from where I started. The second workaround is to place on the last slide again a few links which I can click to return to the point from where I started. This is all extremely cumbersome.

Now I got the idea if the really nice functionality of PowerPoint can be created in Impress with a macro. However, the problem is that I don't know how to create a macro. Therefore, before I start learning to write a macro, I would like to ask the experts if such a macro is possible to written.

Any additional hint is also highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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