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Need help organizing a chart alphabetical and numerical order on a spreadsheet [closed]

asked 2014-05-29 23:25:52 +0200

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OK so I messed up because I should of sorted the part numbers first then add the description. But anyway I have 4 columns with titles P/N's, Description, Price and Quantity pack. I try to sort them but they all get sorted and the all 4 of them get mixed up. Is there a formula I can do to keep each row's content correct? Here is an example

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answered 2014-05-29 23:48:52 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

updated 2014-05-30 00:06:44 +0200

I assume it is this:

Many records identified by part number and containing description, price and pk size as further fields

Are to be sorted by the part number as sorting key?

Select all your data rows and all the columns containing data AT A TIME.

Then use Menue: 'Data > 'Sort ...'

Choose Column A 'Ascending' and nothing else

Click OK

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