I got this error box when attempting to connect to a database file on my harddrive [closed]

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Libre 3.5 English Libre Office Base Linux Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon 64-bit

The dialog box popped up when using Step 3. Set up ODBC connection Set up connection to a ODBC database

Libre Office 3.5 Could not load the program library libodbc.so.1 or it is corrupted The ODBC datasource selection is not avaiiable

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What kind of database?

Have you already tried to ask a Linux-community? (A search gives me for example http://community.spiceworks.com/topic... )

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2014-06-01 02:13:06 +0200 )edit

Have you installed system ODBC support properly and configured it correctly ?

Alex Thurgood gravatar imageAlex Thurgood ( 2014-06-28 22:57:19 +0200 )edit