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Convert hundreds of files to ODT - programatically [closed]

asked 2014-06-13 01:30:55 +0100

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updated 2015-09-04 13:27:13 +0100

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LibreOffice 4.2.4 Mac OS X 10.7.5

I have a need to convert multiple files (may be 100+) to ODT format.

Ideally we would like to start soffice in headless and invisible mode and close it when done.

I was thinking that we should talk to soffice via a socket.

I am doing all this in C++ and was wondering are there any examples of this being done already. Is there a method on an interface that does the conversion for you or do I need to open a document and save it programatically. Currently we call soffice in headless, invisible mode and use the --convert-to parameter but this is slow and requires start up and shutdown time.

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answered 2014-06-17 01:19:17 +0100

davidgraywright gravatar image

After looking at the python unoconv, the Java and C++ samples from the LibreOffice SDK I finally got some documents converted in a proof of concept C++ program. However I am now failing on txt files with chinese characters in it. I can view the file on Mac OS X via Finder and TextEdit - why cannot LibreOffice just open it?

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Please edit this response to indicate exactly what is failing e.g., link to a screenshot, example file, etc. Chinese can sometimes use different character encodings. There are a few related questions on this site regarding this type of issue.

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2014-06-20 08:01:39 +0100 )edit

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