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LibreOffice_Calc_Data Sorting [closed]

asked 2014-06-18 08:19:16 +0200

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Version - LibreOffice Calc Fedora 19

I need to change a linear data set into a matrix spreadsheet.

I have a raw data set for electrical load of certain off grid buildings. At the moment the first column has date and time from 00:00 - 23:45 for every day in this format (mm/dd/yyyy 00:00). In the neighboring right column there is the corresponding kW value for that time. There are several months of data that I must sort through.

I would like to change the structure and create a matrix. I would like to have the dates as the columns, the time as the rows, and would like to fill the kW values correctly within matrix (corresponding to its correct date and time).

I have months of this data and I would rather not enter it all in by hand. Does anyone have any suggestions or shortcuts?

Thanks for any help

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answered 2014-06-18 08:42:43 +0200

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updated 2014-06-18 08:43:22 +0200

Try a pivot table. To use it, first extract the time in new coloums. Then mark your date, time and kW value and make a pivot table. Put date in row fields, time in column flields and kW in value.

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