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How do I create a document for all of my addressed envelopes? [closed]

asked 2014-06-18 17:48:01 +0200

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updated 2015-09-04 12:45:42 +0200

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I tried to insert envelope but after the 2nd envelope and I go to insert the 3rd envelope in the document it makes me create a new document? I want all of my addressed envelopes to be in one document so I can go in and choose the ones I want to this possible? Using Libre Office 4.2 Windows 7

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answered 2014-06-18 21:44:06 +0200

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The insert envelope function is used to insert an envelope for a single document, e.g. a letter: you use a letter template and include the envelope, so the address from a data source (database, spreadsheet, address book, ...) can be inserted in two places.

To create one document containing all envelopes, the mail merge function is still the way to go, but rather than inserting an envelope with a letter, the envelope must be the letter (document).

Create a document with the default page style matching the size of your envelopes. Write down where you want the address block to be and start the mail merge wizard from the Tools menu.

  1. choose Use this document
  2. choose Letter

  3. select the address list you want to use (you need to register the address list as a data source first)

  4. choose an address block layout
  5. match the fields in your address list to the fields in your address block
  6. if necessary, check the results of matching the fields
  7. skip creating a salutation
  8. position the address block on the paper (this is where your measurements come in)
  9. look at the resulting page layouts filled with the addresses from your source, exclude individuals if necessary
  10. edit the rest of the envelope template if necessary
  11. edit individual envelopes if necessary (after the previous step all envelopes have been generated - and in my case it looks like I found a bug that always puts the first address on an A4-size paper...)
  12. choose Save starting document to save the template, choose Save merged document (... as single document) to save the result of the wizard.
  13. finish and print your envelopes!
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