How to control data streaming? [closed]

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Hi all, Greetings of the day. I have a task to complete using LO calc in which I have to use data streaming. But, the application requires to do some work every time data is streamed in. Say, DataSet-1, DataSet-2, ..., DataSet-N is getting streamed in to a range of cells, say A1:Z100. Now, when the DataSet-1 is streamed in completely to the sheet to range A1:Z100, I have to block DataSet-2 to stream in till I complete the work. Once the work is done, DataSet-2 should be streamed in to the range A1:Z100. Once Data Stream-2 is streamed in completely, again block DataSet-3 to stream in and do the work. This goes till all N DataSets are streamed in. I searched a lot to know how to control data streaming and ended up in helplessness. Can anyone help me how to control data streaming? Even doing it through macro is fine.

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