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how do i hide error codes [closed]

asked 2014-06-24 23:14:56 +0200

chris.rebman.7 gravatar image

In calc, I'm building a very simple spreadsheet to calculate percentages of win/lose or draw results.

The forumla is simple: =(c3/e3) as an example, where c3 is the sum of column C and e3 is the sum of column e. Of course, we haven't started populating data yet (that will happen as the tournament progresses), so all of my fields that give me percentages show a divide by 0 error (#DIV/0!).

Is there a way to hide that error code until there is some valid data to process?

The sheet works fine, I just don't like having (#DIV/0!) all over the place.

(I'm also open to suggestions on how to streamline the process.)

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answered 2014-06-24 23:27:14 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

We needn't hide the error code but care for the exception. The first suggestion should work in any case, the second one if the function IFERROR() is provided (versions 4.x and higher).



The empty string may, of course, be replaced by something else, best NA() .

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Thank you. That works like a charm. Now to go edit all of the appropriate fields...=)

chris.rebman.7 gravatar imagechris.rebman.7 ( 2014-06-24 23:40:50 +0200 )edit

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