Opening a ppt document created in Powerpoint [closed]

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How can I open a ppt document that was created in Powerpoint? When I do, the formatting gets all messed up.


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Please note the posting guide: "Be as precise as you can in asking your question. This will help us help you better and faster. Include the following context information: version, language, and component (Writer, Draw, etc.) of LibreOffice version and language of operating system" You haven't supplied the requested information, and your description of the problem "the formatting gets all messed up" is quite vague. This makes it difficult to offer much assistance. That said, formatting issues are sometimes related to fonts. Do you have the fonts used in the presentation installed on your system? e.g. if you have a Linux system, do you have the mscorefonts package installed?

mikebibo gravatar imagemikebibo ( 2014-07-02 02:49:53 +0200 )edit