Can I download AskLibO content as a dump? [closed]

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To perform analysis on the questions, answers and other content on , I'd like to download a copy of all content in one package. Ideally, this package would be made available on a regular basis. I don't care for the user profile info, although keeping the link between a user and actions and content would need at least pseudonyms for each user.

[Edit] By "all content", I mean all question text, answer texts, comments, attachments uploaded to the site, number of votes received, and any other type of content that users create and upload in the interaction with the website to pose and answer questions. [/Edit]

Is it possible to download such a dump or can it be made available?

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Can you expand on what "all content" means in the context of the question? All attachments, all question / answer text, uploaded graphics? I doubt this is available, but will leave this for the site admin / AskBot people to answer.

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2014-07-07 02:17:05 +0100 )edit