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i have imported an mdb file successfully , but i cant "run" the file [closed]

asked 2014-07-25 10:35:29 +0200

jenesis gravatar image

how to execute the file , or view it in non programming environment but data entering state..

any assistance would be appreciated


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answered 2014-07-25 14:28:03 +0200

mikebibo gravatar image

An mdb file is a Microsoft Access database file. I presume you are wanting to connect to it from LibreOffice Base, and/or convert it to an ODF database (.odb), but you will need to be far more specific for others to assist. What operating system and version are you using? This makes a big difference when it comes to managing data sources. Do you have an ODBC driver installed? What version of LibreOffice? How have you "imported" the database? In what way was this "successful" if you haven't accessed the data?

As a minimum, you will need to have an ODBC driver installed for your operating system, and the database registered with LibreOffice Base, as described in the "Accessing External Database" section of the Base Handbook, available from the LibreOffice website.

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