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Just tried to donate but denied [closed]

asked 2014-08-19 00:28:43 +0200

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Just used two different VISA credit cards (2 different banks) to try and donate $10. Both were denied. That has never happened before. You might want to check up on it. I did it from my new HP Pavilion and suspect Microsoft is screwing things up again. But no way to know. If you have suggestions, I'll try again.

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answered 2014-08-20 03:59:32 +0200

oweng gravatar image

Thank you very much for your mail and your wish to donate, and sorry for the inconveniences!

We had to take several anti-fraud mechanisms to prevent abuse of the credit card donation means. We cannot directly control these, as the payment occurs via a service provider. I assume that one of the anti-fraud mechanisms kick in when you donate, which is why the payment is refused.

I am sorry for that - any chance to use one of the other donation options listed at

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