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How Do I Achieve A "Vlookup" In A Base Query? [closed]

asked 2014-09-09 13:56:09 +0200

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I have a set of contacts in a table. I want to create a field either on the fly or a hrd field that concatinates together certain items using SQL or whatever means that are possible. For example ...

Table 1 Fields - Contact_ID - Contact_FName - Contact_LName - Contact_Address - Contact_City - Contact_State - Contact_Postal - Contact_Phone

Let's assume I want to take make an additional firld called "Contact_Username" and automatically create one based on the information I have (Contact_FName + Contact_LName for simplicity sake). How would I go about that in LibreOffice? I don't care if this field is on the fly or if it's just a field in the actual table as long as it can be updated automatically without me doing anything and as long as I can reference it somewhere else - like say in a query.

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answered 2014-09-26 19:38:23 +0200

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Try this:

SELECT *, "Contact_FName" || ' ' || "Contact_LName" AS "Contact_Username" FROM "Table 1"
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