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I had recorded a number of simple Writer macros in LibreOffice, currently running They were saved under MyMacros -> Standard. For some reason they have disappeared.

AFAIK I haven't done anything to provoke this - I haven't opened the macros editor in ages and I haven't done anything with my profile. Nor AFAIK has there been a recent program update (although I might have missed one if it happened in the background).

Where did the macros go and are they recoverable? Because they are simple (in effect, keyboard shortcuts for commonly-used words and special characters) it's not too much trouble to record them again. But it is annoying and shouldn't happen. If this is a bug it could be much more serious for some users.

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in effect, keyboard shortcuts for commonly-used words and special characters

You know about →Tools→→Auto Correction....?

karolus gravatar imagekarolus ( 2014-09-10 18:16:36 +0100 )edit