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How to recover text accidentally deleted? [closed]

asked 2014-10-01 22:00:43 +0200

MartinW gravatar image

Secondly, a minor problem, not so urgent: when I open a Libre Office document, it always says 'Not recovered yet, start recovery, recovery failed, finish' - but then the document usually appears. Can I get rid of this irritation?

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Maybe you can try uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, it can recover LOST DATA on Mac only in three steps: Step 1. Launch the software to scan the device where your files deleted Step 2: Preview the scan result files and make mark if it is the one you find Step 3: Recover files

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answered 2014-10-02 07:34:10 +0200

ROSt52 gravatar image

Recover accidentally deleted text:
As long as you have not yet saved and closed the file, you can use ctrl+z (in Windows, Linux(?)) or cmd+z (?) for Mac. Saving & closing of a file makes changes final.

"Not yet recovered..." I would do:
- Save the file after recovery.
If this doesn't help:
- Save file with different name
- Delete the file with the original name
If this doesn't help either:
- Make sure your file saved with a different name
- Re-set user profile; guideline is here:

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answered 2014-10-02 11:29:05 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

updated 2014-10-02 11:32:33 +0200

How is your setting in 'Tools' > 'Options'('Preferences') > 'Load/Save' > 'General' > 'Always create a backup copy'? If cheked you should find a backup of the previous state of any document edited in the 'backup' folder of your user profile. You just have to copy it from there to your "workspace", change the .bak extension as needed ... voilà.

Be sure to note that the backup will not contain any changes made to the document during the most recent pass.

For additional information about the user profile refer to:

(From my experience: The default setting of that option seems to be "not checked". I have to set it "checked" again after installing a new version. Hope you did.)

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