Is there changes in the way that java - UNO - libreOffice, work from OO-3.3? [closed]

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Someone knows if something have change in the way java works with libreOffice (uno) from 3.3 version?

I have a java applet that is capable of working properly with OO-3.3, (starting an openOffice process with -accept and a port). The applet opens a document from a database, and listens the save or close events, in order to submit the document to the data base.

I have rebuilt the applet with the java libraries of the libreOffice- instalation, but it doesn´t work properly.

With libreOffice (writer), when I edit several documents at the same time, when I close one of the opened documents, it goes to the database correctly, but when I try to open another document, it is opened, but windows shows a dialog with "libreOffice has stoped working, Window is checking for a solution", when it is accepted, libreOffice process (soffice.bin) and all the opened documents desapear.

It seems that it works properly if I only work with only a document, because, when the applet detects a close event, and there is only a document in the desktop, the applet closes the desktop (desktop.terminate()). This way the next time that libreOffice will be opened, it will be a fresh instance of the process. If the applet doesn´t terminate de desktop, the problem described above will happen.

Before closing the document, the applet free the listeners: removeCloseListener, removeModifyListener, releaseDispatchProviderInterceptor and desktop.removeTerminateListener

Is there any example code or a good tutorial that describe this integration with the new libreOffice?

Is there a way to open a complete new instance of soffice.exe and soffice.bin for each open document?

Is there a way to get the log of what is happening in libreoffice when libreoffice crashes?

Thank you very much,


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