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Bullet, numbering problem with Writer 4.3 [closed]

asked 2014-10-27 14:55:21 +0200

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Hi, I am using libreoffice 4.3, on both Ubuntu and Windows 7 dual boot laptop, and I can see that it might quite a progress since older version, especially in terms of compatibility with MS Office. Good work for the developers.

I still do face some issues, some of which I solve through online readings, however, recently I am facing an issue in terms of bullets and numbering.

I was creating a table and within one of the cells I wanted to put a list of items, therefore I chose bullets as a means to highlight what I wanted to communicate. When I clicked on the bullet icons, Writer automatically distanced all of the lines within the sentence and grouped them exactly the same distance from the margin. Though the outcome was clean and I could work with it, I wanted to reduce the indent, so I did what I usually do very easily with MS Word, which is to drag the pointers ( or tab stops, not sure what they are called) on the ruler to the distance I desire and the formatting will be kept for the lines to remain all distanced equally from the margin. In case they are not, I drag the upper pointer and the lower pointer so that all lines are aligned. However, when I did that with Writer, I failed to get the result I wanted. Instead, the first line always appeared to have more distance from the margin versus the rest, I tried to adjust using the pointers, and I couldn't. I opened the bullets and numbering dialog and it didn't solve my problem. I saved the file in Word format so I could reach the result that I wanted. I am sure this is not what the LibreOffice developers want, but I don't know if I missed something, however, bullets and numbering now in LibreOffice need to be easier to use and master. I cannot waste several hours to learn how to do it when in other software it takes only a few clicks.

Your feedback and help are appreciated.

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answered 2014-10-27 21:17:07 +0200

oweng gravatar image

There appear to be some outstanding problems with using the indentation markers on the ruler to adjust list items, particularly in tables. Use of a non-native file format may be compounding these problems. Bugs fdo#43959, fdo#54860 and fdo#75877 may be related.

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answered 2014-10-28 14:23:34 +0200

Eli 101 gravatar image

Thanks for the answer,

I hope Libreoffice development team address this issue soon.

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