Can I Save Selected Cells in HTML document? [closed]

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Hello Folks,

I am currently using the latest version of LibreOffice.

I am in the process of moving a lot of my files from my Windows Office Suite over to my new Linux Mint laptop.

I was testing some of the Excel files and noticed something that is vital for my use, but I can't seem to find the proper method in LibreCalc.

I have a 6 page spreadsheet file. On sheet #4, I need to select cells A1 to AC18 and save that selection as a HTML document that will appear in the website that I manage.

I do not find any options to do so in LibreCalc. In Windows Excel, there is an option to save the selected cells as a HTML document. I do know about the option in LibreCalc to save the spreadsheet as a HTML document, but I do not want to save all 6 sheets. It's not practical.

What is the proper method of saving a selected cells for HTML document?

Thanks in advance!


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