Reproducible build instructions for released binaries [closed]

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At the minute, the latest Mac build of LO is 4.3.4 and the binary is LibreOffice_4.3.4_MacOS_x86.dmg

With hash SHA-256 Hash: 9e466cdd41ab29e0845267f6e46ed7c6edb79b36b4bcb121edd0df55aee4e53c

According to http://download.documentfoundation.or...

The latest build instructions for Mac are at:

Which produce part of the binaries.

Are there reproducible, auditable instructions for producing a DMG with hash 9e466cdd41ab29e0845267f6e46ed7c6edb79b36b4bcb121edd0df55aee4e53c

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