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Words per Sentence (Wopse) [closed]

asked 2014-12-21 13:12:54 +0100

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updated 2016-03-06 13:58:35 +0100

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An expanded enhancement request has been filed here: It includes the following question:

Currently, the Word Count tool in Writer measures only the number of words and characters. Is there an easy way to add a "words-per-sentence count"?

In other words, I'm suggesting a new feature—let's call it Wopse—that would measure the average sentence length in a given text. Writers could use this tool to write more effectively by keeping their sentences shorter (e.g., at 20 words or less).

An online service providing words-per-sentence count is available at . The website provides other measurements as well and is based on the open-source Text Statistics project ( ).

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answered 2014-12-22 02:09:11 +0100

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If you think that this is an important feature you can file an enhancement request here:

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Thank you. I posted a more detailed request here: .

Getoar gravatar imageGetoar ( 2014-12-23 07:17:09 +0100 )edit

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