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I need to create a chart in Calc for two differently sized groups of respondents. [closed]

asked 2014-12-23 08:04:06 +0100

updated 2020-07-11 20:55:08 +0100

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The chart is required to be a column one and has to show two columns in a point of the x-axis which, will compare Group A and Group B, for three different variables. The chart also has to show the figure and the percentage value, the latter of which proved to be a bit complicated. Any ideas?

To sum up, the requirements are:

1) Three variables on the x-axis for two groups of respondents 2) Column chart 3) Show figure 4) Show percentage 5) Have two columns for each variable, one for each group 6) 100% for Group A is 50 respondents 7) 100% for Group B is 56 respondents 8) The percentage shown represents the proportion of the given group voting for the given variable

Screenshot: the percentage is wrong

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answered 2014-12-23 08:47:54 +0100

ROSt52 gravatar image

updated 2014-12-23 17:42:04 +0100

When it comes to percentage values the main question is what is 100%.

I assume that the sum of two values for each variable is 100%. The the chart should look like:

image description

In each column each data point contains 2 figures: Top is absolute value and bottom is the percentage value.

If this is the chart you need, I recommend to do the following:

Double click you chart until you see 6 black little squares in a greyu frame.

Right click somewhere in the chart > chart type > select top right

Click once into a data point an all data points of the same group show green squares

Right click into the data point > Format data labels > tab: data labels > check show values and percentage > adjust the format > OK

a bit lower: Seperator > select what you want, I selected new line > OK

If my assumption with the 100% value is wrong, please explain the situation.

I recommend to have a look at the free guides which you can download from

Let me start from the end - the 100% question. Possibilities are
- in each var the sum of group1 + group2 is 100% (this is what I used in my example)
- in each group the sum of var1+var2+var3 = 100% (then my assumption is wrong but then your example is also wrong)
- the value for combination of var and group is a percentage figure which does not add up with one or more of the given figures to be 100% (then all must be considered differently)

Each group can be differentiated by color. You can actually give each data point a different color. Once in the editing mode of the chart (6 little black squares around in a grey frame) you need to double click in a data point and you can modify the color of each single datapoint analog to the color setting for a series for data points

Two colums per group is not possible. Per group you have 3 var. Or you want to have 2 columns per var, one column for ich group. But with 2 colums per var beside each other you might need to recalculate your percentage values

I recommend strongly that you clearly define what is 100%. Otherwise i have to make to many assumptions.

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Thank you for your reply. The problem is that the task is to have two columns for each. I tried to offer this solution, but it is necessary to have two columns. I even tried to add two axes with two different max levels, but then the percentage value is 100% everywhere.

Also, the groups must be differentiated by the same colours.

Screenshot: two axes

pavelktomas gravatar imagepavelktomas ( 2014-12-23 09:04:25 +0100 )edit

Moreover, the suggested solution does not show the percentage of the group that chose the given answer. I need something like this, but in the two-column variation, so that the percentage adds up to 100%, but shows the two groups:

Screenshot: possibility

pavelktomas gravatar imagepavelktomas ( 2014-12-23 11:26:17 +0100 )edit

see EDIT in my answer

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2014-12-23 17:27:26 +0100 )edit

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