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How do install Canadian Spell Check Ubuntu 14.10

asked 2014-12-25 03:45:02 +0100

Birchcrest gravatar image

How would I get Canadian English for spell check, and thesaurus on Ubuntu 14.10.

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-12-27 13:26:09 +0100

Jay Philips gravatar image

Go into the menu under Tools, then click Options at the bottom resulting in a dialog appearing. Open the 'Language Settings' category and click on the 'Language' entry underneath it. Set 'English (Canada)' in the drop down list entitled 'Local setting:' and 'Western:'.

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answered 2015-01-18 18:39:55 +0100

You can install the dictionary via the terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install hunspell-en-ca

For the thesaurus, I only found Australian and American packages.

$ apt-cache search mythes-en-*
mythes-en-au - Australian English Thesaurus for
mythes-en-us - English Thesaurus for LibreOffice
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