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LibreOffice Writer adds extra spaces when pasting text from terminal [closed]

asked 2014-12-26 07:54:48 +0200

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updated 2016-03-07 03:08:48 +0200

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I am using LibreOffice Writer in Ubuntu 14.04. I save my document as a .doc file. For documentation purposes I copy text from a terminal window to my document in Writer. When I first paste the text all is fine. However, after I exit and restart the program, all my pasted text has an extra line between each line which was pasted. In Format->paragraph->Indents and Line Spacing I have everything set to 0. Line spacing is set to "Single". If I type a line of text and hit enter, I don't get an extra space. It only happens when I copy and paste from a terminal window. When I view non-printing characters, I see a single paragraph mark after each line. After restarting the software, I have two paragraph marks after each line.

How can I prevent this behavior. I can't keep going back and removing every other blank line. I just want the program to keep all text the same as how it was when it was pasted.

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answered 2014-12-26 08:45:15 +0200

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updated 2014-12-26 09:05:56 +0200

Try to save in odt-format first and create a docx-copy only at the very end. There are always smaller formatting issues between LibO and MSO because MSO doesn't fully support the ODF standard. However in my test docx-format looks like odt-format whereas doc-format changes.

My experience:
In respect to MSO formats, I stay always until the end in LibO native formats and only create a MSO copy of the last saved version and still try to avoid the x-formats. Additionally I made the experience that a pdf-file is in most of my cases sufficient. Many people send out files in MSO or LibO or other formats when a pdf-file is sufficient. Depending on the situation you can even secure a pdf-file against copying and changes. The pdf-export function in LibO works very well. (I am using

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