writer document with math objects created in new install won't display correctly in older versions

asked 2014-12-31 18:29:33 +0200

simon.turner.5477 gravatar image

I created a writer document and embeded many formula's using math (my L3 maths assignment). When I opened that document on another computer with an older version of libre office the formula's contained lots of odd symbols instead of things like "=". This is very unerving to say the least (lots of work to be lost). I have updated the libre office on my second compter and all displays well now but I can'tunderstand why there is such incomptibility between just a slightly older version of libre office.

Are my documents safe ? can I only open math formulas using the same version of math they were created with ?

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Which LibO version did you use? ---- Which OS is running on your PC? ---- In which file format did you save your Writer document?

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2015-01-01 01:37:11 +0200 )edit

My first guess is that your computer with older LibreOffice lacks the font needed to display formulas correctly. Perhaps the later version of LibreOffice includes the needed font.

Terrence Enger gravatar imageTerrence Enger ( 2015-01-02 18:57:47 +0200 )edit