dde linked calc not autosaving

asked 2015-01-15 12:29:52 +0200

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Hi there

I have a ss in libreoffice 4.3 and am trying to save a copy of the spread sheet every hour so I can take a snapshot of the data. I have set up autosave and asked for a copy to be made every 60 minutes. I have changed the autosave folder to one where I know where the data should be going but nothing is happening.

The ss is linked by DDE to a brokerage site and is constantly updated. The machine is running XP ( can’t update just yet).

What I would like to happen, ideally, is that this gets saved in a format that I can suck straight into a python program for further processing, so ODS is ok but csv would be better. This would happen every hour.

anyone got any ideas please

thank you theakson

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