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What happened to my filetype icons in OSX?

asked 2015-01-18 00:39:38 +0100

toxikon gravatar image

I recently uninstalled Office 2011 and installed LibreOffice. Really liking it so far!

I've encountered one issue, however. My mac is no longer showing any icons for .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files. The icons is just a "blank page" icon. This is true for newly created files and files I had prior to the Libre Office install.

Curiously enough, if I get info about a file, it shows the Microsoft Office Icons. It is just that no icon shows up in finder windows.

How can I fix this?

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Same problem! Tried googling it but no answers yet!!

rushabh gravatar imagerushabh ( 2015-04-23 07:57:43 +0100 )edit

Same issue here. LibreOffice 5.1 Max OS 10.11.6

Nicolas Rossi gravatar imageNicolas Rossi ( 2016-12-29 17:50:39 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-04-09 05:00:01 +0100

I got the same problem, Please help.

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