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How do I delete rows or columns?

asked 2015-01-18 05:16:56 +0200

Milliways gravatar image

If I select a number of items (as I do in Excel) LibreOffice only wants to delete these cells. I would prefer some solution that I can put on a toolbar which I currently do in Excel.

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answered 2015-01-18 07:23:26 +0200

RonJohn63 gravatar image

To delete a column in Calc, click on the column letter, and then right-click so that the pop-up menu appears. About half-way down is "Delete Selected Columns". To delete multiple columns, click-and-drag in the column letter "area" so as to select multiple columns. Then right-click as before.

Same to delete rows, except you click on the row numbers.

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Additional to the above answer, you can add icons to the "formatting toolbar" to be able to add or delete row or columns. From Tools - Customize - Toolbars - Formatting, you can add the commands you need.

ratrace gravatar imageratrace ( 2015-01-18 10:54:16 +0200 )edit
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