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How you do reduce the page size of a document, is pdf file any help?

asked 2015-01-19 14:59:29 +0200

Red_card_Divas_FC gravatar image

I'm trying to print out a document on A4, but it's just too big. I don;t want to move borders because then my words will be all out of allignment.

I heard something about pdf files help with this? I tried it and it was the same size....

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man, your questions… please stop asking same thing on and on again. What about showing us the document? If nothing confidential of course.

LogicDaemon gravatar imageLogicDaemon ( 2015-01-20 12:23:31 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-01-20 12:20:51 +0200

LogicDaemon gravatar image

* angry rant mode You should have not formatted your document with identing by spaces and explicit linebreaks on each line. Then changing its pagesize won't hurt. angry rant mode off *

Most PDF viewers allow to scale document to fit paper size. So, you save to PDF, open with some PDF viewer (Adobe Reader definitely works), and print it from there with scaling to paper size in print options.

Also drivers of some printers allows the same, just examine your print dalogue. It may say something related to "scale to paper size". Then set "input size" to "paper size" of your document, "output size" to real paper size, and switch on scaling.

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