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How to display a piecewise function in LibreOffice Writer?

asked 2015-01-30 12:23:46 +0200

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I have the following code

%tau _j( p;k_j,q_j ):= left lbrace binom{1:I(k_j)<i(q_j)}{0:i(k_j)&gt;i(q_j)} right="" rbrace<="" p="">

and i want to get rid of the right curly brace, so that it is a piecewise function. What should I do?

Thanks for your help!

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-01-30 13:26:06 +0200

lucianf gravatar image


Is this what you are looking for?

%tau _j( p;k_j,q_j ):= left lbrace binom{1:I(k_j)<i(q_j)}{0:i(k_j) gt i(q_j)} right none

you had a few extra characters that were not belonging there.

Good luck

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answered 2015-02-04 17:16:33 +0200

SquallSaw gravatar image

yes indeed! "right none" is the key.

Thank you!

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