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How do I install Carlito and Caladea fonts?

asked 2015-02-04 19:08:57 +0200

AndyB gravatar image

updated 2015-02-04 19:10:41 +0200

LibreOffice 4.4 is advertised as coming with Carlito and Caladea fonts (substitutes for Calibri and Calisto).

I installed 4.4 into Windows 8, but the new fonts aren't installed.

Where can I download them to install?

Were Carlito and Caladea not supposed to be part of the Windows installation? If I already have Calibri and Calisto installed, do the substitutes not install?

Please explain. Many thanks.


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2 Answers

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answered 2015-03-28 07:06:17 +0200

João Paulo gravatar image

Carlito and Caladea aren't Windows fonts, but open source fonts created to substitute the proprietary fonts Cambria and Calibri (installed on Windows Vista and newer, and with Office 2007 and newer) on systems which don't have it.

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answered 2015-02-05 03:10:48 +0200

ROSt52 gravatar image

You can download the fonts from

Installation: please follow the procedure for W8.

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