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How do I open a XML file with characters like a slashed zero?

asked 2015-02-17 03:53:30 +0200

RaFW gravatar image

The file open fails with a message of :

General Error General input/output error

I have traced it to a slashed zero in other files, but this file is a bit too large to look for special characters (90 meg, 12000 records), and I believe .xml files open with SCALC.exe.

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-10-24 22:16:54 +0200

1meek1 gravatar image

I may be off point here, but did you try to open it in Google sheets?

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You may find the following source useful. The xml file is just a basic text file, but you need to know how it was created and what data editor was designed to process it.

petermau gravatar imagepetermau ( 2019-10-25 09:45:31 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-10-25 16:57:22 +0200

petermau gravatar image

You do not state what operating system you are using, the language, most importantly your character set, and HOW the .xml file was created. Just stating .xml is not precise enough. LibreOffice Calc will expect .ods files written using Unicode.

What do you mean by having problems with SLASHED ZERO? Is it Latin Capital O with stroke Ø (U+D8) or Latin small o with stroke ø (U+F8) or even Circled division Slash ⊘ (U+2298)? It could be a possible clue is the character set setting. They are all Unicode but not found in US-ASCII. If it is just the circled division this is only in full unicode.

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